Before & After School Care

Make Sure Your Child Is Ready for School Each Morning

Sign up for our before-school care program in Copperas Cove or Killeen, TX

Always feel like you're rushing to get your child ready for school? You're not alone. Many busy parents in Killeen and Copperas Cove, TX come to Children's Institute of Learning wanting help with their morning routine. You and your child will enjoy our before-school care program.

We will...

Provide a nutritious before-school breakfast and snacks
Check to see that your child has completed their homework
Provide school supplies if your child needs them
Take your child to school

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The free time will be worth it

With before-school breakfast and transportation taken care of, you'll have a few extra minutes before work to enjoy your morning coffee or pack a healthy lunch.

Sign your child up for before-school care in Copperas Cove or Killeen, TX today to start your day without the stress.

Can't Leave Work Early to Pick Up Your Child From School?

Learn about our after-school care programs in Killeen and Copperas Cove, TX

You won't have to take time off work or rely on friends to bring your child home. Children's Institute of Learning can look after your child while you're at work. Our after-school care program in Copperas Cove and Killeen, TX saves parents like you time and energy.

We'll not only pick up your child from school, but we'll also...

Help them with homework
Provide healthy snacks and dinner
Give them time to play with other kids

Your child will love our after-school care program, and we know you will, too.